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CPP launches the “公採通” service, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing - Public Procurement Affiliate established on the same day

2014-03-27 02:32:39

(26 March 2014Hong Kong) The board of directors of China Public Procurement Limited (HKEx stock code: 1094, the “Company” or “CPP”) announced that it launches the “公採通” electronic service today. It will provide tendering information and financial services to procurement vendors through the Company’s electronic public procurement platform. Today also marks the establishment of the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing – Public Procurement Affiliate, a nationwide non-profit organization with an aim to promote the public procurement system within the nation to match with the international standard.


公採通 – a multi-functional e-commerce service

公採通 is an innovative e-commerce service, designed to serve the public procurement industry in the PRC. Working initially with 22 government procurement centres, 公採通 provides vendors with information on procurement, corporates and marketing, financing to SME, third-party payment services as well as logistics information. 公採通 provides information and services to facilitate SMEs and private enterprises to go beyond geographical boundaries and introduce themselves into the governmental public procurement industry. 

Vendors only need to register once and they will enjoy nationwide services on transactions and finances. Governmental public procurement will then be able to utilize third-party payment services, expanding third-party payment service from merely B2C and B2B to B2G (Business to Government).

Once logged on, users of 公採通 will instantly obtain the latest information on market development, news on the industry and recent transactions. According to the vendors’ various requirements, 公採通 provides notification of specific tender information through emails and instant messaging apps.

公採通 works with credit investigation institutions to carry out credit check and rating on vendors. Through recording corporations’ credit rating within the platform, it provides valuable references regarding the credit of such corporations. Users will be able to inquire the credit rating of the vendors through 公採通 to minimize the risks.



Establishment of the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing – Public Procurement Affiliate

The China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing – Public Procurement Affiliate was established on the same day. It aims to establish a standard system for the public procurement industry in the PRC so that it matches the international standard. It will have a positive impact on China’s process of acceding to the plurilateral Government Procurement Agreement of the World Trade Organization.


Mr. Cheng Yuanzhong, Chairman of the Company, said “公採通 is a breakthrough of CPP, which promotes the convenience and transparency of public procurement in the PRC. The total procurement amount of the 22 government procurement centres amounts to RMB 300 billion, accounting for 5% of the total public procurement amount in the PRC. Looking forward, we expect to introduce more government procurement centres into the platform. 公採通 has vast market potentials.”

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